Websites you need to know about

Great WordPress plugin to use to list your speaking gigs

Google Website where you can test to see how mobile-friendly your site is:

Resources for creating great visuals

Website/Email Countdown timers to create urgency

WordPress plugin that rewards site visitors if they share your page on social media

lots and lots and lots of free photos

Facebook page debugger. Will look at your page and tell you what is missing or needed to make Facebook happy (show the right image, etc). You can also use this link to refresh Facebook’s copy of your page if FB is pulling in the wrong image.

How to build landing pages that convert

free course on building landing pages

Social bookmarking/reading too:

Mobile App Builder  (added 6/11/2014)

Great examples sales webpages and also online training (added 6/6/2014)

Book writing and publishing resources (added 6/3/2014) (recommended printer via Peregrine)

Great list of presentation resources from the Prezi blog (added 5/31/14)

How to create your own custom social media sharing buttons (Nerd Level 10)

How to change the location of your podcast RSS feed in iTunes.

Utility to generate several possible email combinations when you have a first name and last name:

You can access it at <a> </a>. Please note you’ll need to save a copy of it to your own Google Drive in order to edit/use it.

Bigger better version of the email generator spreadsheet:

Tweak/Customize how a YouTube video looks when you embed it on your site:

Does good graphics work on Fiverr:

Emotional Headline Analyzer

Free training on how to start your own podcast – also full of links from the audio

How to host a live webinar for free using Google Hangouts  (added 2/4/14)

Free software download of Wirecast you can use with YouTube Live to stream live video

Group conference calls

Focus webinars for this group:

Using Screenflow to create MP3 files/podcast files

Writing good headlines

Click to access EugeneSchwartzHeadlineSwipeFile.pdf

Measuring where people are moving and clicking on your website.

Free place online to edit/crop/resize images fast:

Places to research topics and interests before starting a new venture:
Also use Google Adwords Keywords tool

Free tool from Amazon to help you layout and build your story:

Places to promote your events:

are some freebies: –  Training and Seminar Locator

** = A highly regarded service by the author and/or industry

8 cover design secrets publishers use to manipulate readers into buying books

Free way to check your website for security issues:

How to build a good sales page:

Audio/Video Hardware Recommendations:

Email/Lifecycle Marketing:


** (Not email marketing. But will give you demographic information from your list of emails)

Hosted Membership Software: (needs infusionsoft)

Running your own cheap email marketing solution

Way to collect analytics about your site and send it to different services (Geek level 10)

Need to build your own products? CDs? Books? (Geek level 3)

Where to promote your free kindle book: (Geek level 1)

Good Direct Mail Companies: (Geek level 1)

Fulfillment companies: (books) (NEW)</a&gt;

Good study on classic publishing vs self-publishing:

Online places for coaches to hold clients accountable


Free/Low Cost Ebook Cover Creator Software

Mass Facebook ad management and testing

Load test your website

Best WordPress Hosting I’ve ever seen

See what other websites are on the same server as you. (If you ever wonder about the speed of your website use this. Your site could be on the same server with 1000 websites)

Membership Site Income Estimator

Random Password Generator

Create new PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns by just replicating someone else’s:

Unique & Useful Online ‘Generators’:

Here is (as far as I know) the world’s largest collection of links to all those cool and VERY useful online image “Generator” tools. You know… your picture on a billboard, or a magazine cover or a bus stop sign or a killer little news paper for you and your own business and zillions of other cool, silly, fun stuff. – I use them to put prospective buyers info in and on to send to them as an example (instead of me…)

– Like:

Send a killer little newspaper headline and little article that says something like…

“Patrick Allmond Get RAISE for Hiring Dean Hankey To Speak At National Convention!”

…and the a 30 word article about “how much his boss and the company loved his smart choice he made to hire me!” – Hehehehehe…

HERE is the link:

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