And you thought we did alot before!

Thought we only did websites? Paaalease. It would be easier to make a list of things we dont do.
Red Hair Media is a 360 degree Marketing Media Agency. We provide creative and dynamic online solutions for clients across the globe. If your business has an online marketing need, Red Hair Media can help you.
We’ve grown quite a bit since our early days, heck we might even be considered a medium-sized business now! Initially, we wanted to provide superior website design services that fit into the budget of a small business, but also included all of the bells and whistles that other design firms charge an arm and a leg for. Having succeeded in that realm, we expanded our services to encompass any and all marketing and online media needs that you might have, from logo design to highly strategized and all-encompassing branding campaigns. And we manage to add all of these and you still get to keep all of your limbs.

Following are some of the services that we provide:

Graphic Design:
Logo design, banners and headers, website design, Ebook covers, flyers and brochures, business cards, presentation designs and landing pages.

Online Marketing Solutions:
Social media management, SEO content, bookmarking and links, blog mentions, blog copy, public relations, video marketing, fan pages, keyword research and optimization, web analytics, domain name research and registration.

Content Writing:
Copywriting, SEO keyword optimization, creative writing, website content, blog content, press releases, resumes, professional correspondence.

Visual Marketing:
Video intros, animation and 3D, commercials, video editing and production, testimonials, vlogging reviews, stop motion.

Technical Programming:
Websites and blogs, web programming, mobile app programming, website building services, CMS, E-commerce solutions, desktop applications, I.T. support services.

Advertising Solutions:
Banner advertisements, outdoor advertising, flyers and promotional handouts, radio marketing campaigns, online marketing campaigns, pet models.

Branding & Research:
Marketing research, business branding, corporate branding, personal branding, strategic business plans, and business presentations.

Event Planning:
Fund raiser planning and coordination, charity events, concerts, corporate launch parties, corporate gathering meetings or parties. No event is too small or too big, You just tell us what your Goals are, and we will make it happen. We handle everything form the event locations, to the layout of the parking.

Consultations, Training, Guest Speaker:
We offer one on one consultations, everything you need to know to start your own website from basic HTML and CSS to social media implementation. Red Hair Media also offers training classes, “The ABC’s & 123’s of Web Site Design and Development” to local schools and business centers. The #1 Red Head loves to give speeches, and motivational talks.(we think she just like being the center of attention) Or if you would like her to speak at your event or fundraiser, provide motivational and empowering speeches at your collage or university

Marketing Packages:
Running your company takes a lot of work (we know!) and social media and online marketing can easily be ignored, despite how important it is to garner traffic and potential customers to your website. We can not only help you with setting up your social media accounts, but we can also provide ongoing support by utilizing one of our Marketing Packages.


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