Giving not Receiving

Today has been such a wonderful and rewarding day. No I did not get another client, nor did I get paid for past due bills. Sometimes my payment is received with a look, or a teary eye, a hug, or a praise Jesus. And I think I actually like that kind of payment best of all. I try and help as many people as I can when I can, and with what I have. Yes I have a talent for Web Design, Marketing, and all that other Business Stuff. But what GOD really gave me a talent for is listening to people and genuinely caring about total strangers, and using my other talents to help them succeed. I dont want nor do I expect anything in return. Only that you use what I do give you and make the best of it. I just wish I had more people (Business Owners) in my life that felt the same way. I know so many people that could do so much. But when I approach them all I hear is “whats in it for me?” or “How much are you going to pay”? I actually had someone tell me today, that I should stop taking in so many charity cases. Well for one, no one I associate with is a charity case. And I will never stop holding my hand out to give and not receive and helping people RISE UP!. I mean isn’t that what we are suppose to do. Help our neighbors, feed the children and raise our children in one village? Sadly, I think most have lost the true meaning of manKIND.  I just ask, that anyone who reads this, Help Just one person that is trying to make it in this harsh and ever struggling economy. Just one! See how you feel. And if you dont feel pure radiant enjoyment and blessed, then I truly feel for you and I will pray for you.


 I am currently helping a new Women Business Owner Get started. I am Trying to find refrigerated and non refrigerated display cases (deli/cake) for low or free prices. If you have or know someone that may have these, please let me know. This women is truly a Blessing and has a wonderful business mind, all she needs is a little help from her fellow sisters and women in business. Thanks, You can email me at


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