Effective Online Marketing

Having an effective business not only needs an effective website but a powerful online marketing campaign. In order to drive more customers through your door, your website and social media outlets not only need to be listed high among search engine results but engaging and appealing to your potential customers. Behind-the-scenes methodology is needed within your website and social media for this to occur.

“As you are no doubt aware, the most challenging aspect of a new company is how to let people know about the new business and how to get those people in the door.

I can solve those problems for you. I have developed a true organic (non paid) type of online marketing strategy. (I have paid campaigns also, but we will discuss that later)

First by building a High End, Responsive Website that is not only eye catching but is designed with the latest Web Site Design Technology. Designing a website that is in compliance with W3C (the internet Police) , I can

• Accessibility: ensure all visitors no matter their browser platforms can access your site
• Maintenance: Using web standards can reduce the time and cost of maintaining your site
• Speed: Using XHTML and CSS for your design results in less code and decreased file sizes, which result in faster load times.
• Search Engine Rankings: Well-structured pages make it easier for search engine spiders to extract information and to index your site.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown. please email me at nicole@fromhomewebdesign.com


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