How to design an e-commerce website | Inspired Magazine

An e-commerce website needs a layout which should help the potential customers in any situation else they will be naturally attracted by other shops. Nothing can be more disastrous than a layout where it is hard to find the shopping cart or one in which the information about the shipping is missing. When somebody creates the design of an online store the usability and the accessibility are the major facts to keep in mind; some specialists considers that even the aesthetics may be ignored but not these. The sales are in direct relationship with how accessible and universal a website is and, clearly, it is decisive. A FAQ and a contact page are signs that the website is serious as the help of these is invaluable.

These are various metric systems in each country and, in order to have more clients, all the dimensions should be offered to satisfy any preferences. These should be visible and easy to understand and, eventually, to transform for people from all around the world and it means that the written content should pay attention to this kind of audience. Online stores with local public target shouldn’t worry too much about the universality factor but it is highly recommended to pay attention to it.

via How to design an e-commerce website | Inspired Magazine.


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