How to Reach Search engine Optimization

Key elements of search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the combination of different aspects, including the on page factors and off page factors. It covers the vast areas from rectifying META tags to the link building and the ROI (Return on Investment) analysis. Below we are summarizing the most important key elements of SEO.

  1. Competitive Analysis / Industry AnalysisIt is very important to analyse the industry and your competitors. By industry analysis you will be able to define the link strategy and time frame for a particular website. Competitive analysis looks at the facts of your competitors, which keywords they are targeting and where the positioning is in SERP (search engine result pages).
  2. Keyword AnalysisOne of the initial key areas of consideration is the keywords and phrases required that people use online to search the web for client products and services. Keyword selection is a critical process in search engine optimisation campaigns because it works to direct only qualified prospects to websites. Keyword analysis and selection process is designed to identify and target all relevant keywords to guarantee that only the most qualified users will find the specific pages within the website that contains subject matter that is relevant to them.
    • Analysis of highest hit search terms
    • Analysis of lowest hit search terms
    • Single keyword analysis
    • Search context analysis
    • Analysis of search term errors
  3. Content EnhancementAfter carrying out the keyword analysis, an seo will perform the content enhancement process for your search engine requirements. The content enhancement process involves the modification of the webpage content, which involves analysis of the keyword density and keyword frequency. Content enhancement involves the transition of website content. Content enhancement is not only the keywords in the content but to ensure that new content is placed in a manner that has a productive effect in search engines.
  4. Optimisation / Code EnhancementCode enhancement is considered to be one of the most crucial factors in determining where you rank on search engines. The process of code enhancement allows search engine spiders to understand the structure/pages of your website. Technologies such as, JavaScript, Flash and Framesets are not understandable by search engines. So, a search engine optimiser needs to make a website search engine friendly that spiders will be able to read the web pages properly. Also an appropriate title, Meta and heading tags make a difference in search engines and help to achieve the proper rankings in search engines. Connecting pages with anchor text is also an important technique of SEO.
  5. Link BuildingLink building is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign. The link building does have a substantial impact on your ability to achieve high rankings for keywords chosen. So a search engine optimiser needs to submit a website and different directories and other related websites.

    Once the website has been designed and is very search engine friendly, now it is time to build link strategy. It is a time consuming task, a seo can’t submit a website in different directories and websites at once. One should be very careful about link strategy.

    First we need to submit the website in a few good websites having good PR and related to the industry. The benefits of this, is that the website will cache quickly by search engine, and also search engines will keep visiting the website periodically.

    It is also important to get backward links from good sites relating to the clients industry. Good websites can be found with whom links can be exchanged, or can sell links to us. On the other hand, links can be exchanged with websites which have an average PR. Why? The answer to this is, Google and other search engines will consider this whole process very natural.

  6. Ongoing AnalyticsOnce things are in running mode, backward links will need to be built on an ongoing basis and stats of the website to be monitored. Preparing reports to support ad spending through ROI analysis, identifies potential site navigation problems and uncovers opportunities to increase conversion and gain market share.

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