OK GOD, I heard you

Well as Web Designer, just starting out. I have found that a lot of the programs you need like everything Adobe makes. Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver..All of them. ARE extremely expensive. I have been scouring the internet for the Cheapest versions I could find, and even at $400 our Family Budget just want allow for a purchase that large at this time. Well, anyway to get to the story. I hade posted a request on my facebook that if anyone has the Adobe software for sale or free to give, I would be interested. Of course I got a response, but it wasn’t for purchase or to give freely. One of my friends is somewhat of a computer “nerd” and I say that will all endearment. He offered to pirate the programs and send them all to me. Well at first I was excited, I was going to get everything I need to help me with Web Design.  THEN. I went to church this morning. The sermon was about transforming yourself into the Christian you claim to be. Well about 20 min into the service and I just knew the preacher was just going to say my name out loud. I mean come on he was talking about being a Christian on Sunday then going home and do things un-christian, you know like stealing, cheating, ect.  Well OK GOD, I heard you. Loud and Clear. And your right How dare I call myself a Christian on Sunday morning then go home and download what I know to be illegal software.  So I prayed, came home and declined the free offer. I feel that if GOD believes I need the software that I “want” then he will provide it to me in his way,,,not my way. So thank you GOD for calling me out. I hope you do it more often.

Forever the Servant,



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