Coming Around

By the grace of GOD,,and a whole lot of praying. I am feeling good about the decisions I have made. I have a wonderful family, good friends all around me, a beautiful home, and everything I ever dreamed of. So what if my business is just starting out….Ive got years to perfect it, and I plan on being around to do just that. For all of you (and you know who you are) that have influenced me and incourage me to not give up. I thank you.  I have found that being positive and making myself beleive that I deserve to have a good life has been my hardest struggle. But like a friend told me just today…..”if you dont belevie you deserve happines, and your are always beleiving the negative things about you,,,then thats what you will attract.”….No it wasnt Gondi,,just a dear friend that sometimes says the most direct, sometimes painful truth. But I guess that is exactly what I needed. Think you(Christina) for pushing my buttons…..


One thought on “Coming Around

  1. Thanks girl! I am glad to be able to provide some sort of insight for someone other than myself:) If I could help everyone understand how true it is… thinking positively is what we all need. It is the natural way God created us but yet we think it’s just a bunch of foo-foo hippies who believe that.

    I am sure everyone agrees that you too are an inspiration to all who have experienced similiar struggles in life. It is refreshing to hear someone be real. Keep up the good work and enjoy the climb sista!


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