So,  I started my Web Design business about a month ago. I have only gotten one client. And that was probable due to the fact that my husband is the President of the origination that wants a new website. (he says it’s because I’m talented”  love hime) I find myself very frustrated. I have the talent, I can come up with some really cool web layouts, but how do I get the business?  I offer a very low, ok, cheap website price. I am trying to build up clients, but again how do I get them. I have researched google ads, yahoo ads,, but to be honest you have to have some kind of back income just to support those. I am a stay at home mom of three with a military spouse, what can I do to pull my end of the weight? I can’t even get people to read my blog…..Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Frustrated, http://www.fromhomewebdesign.com


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