From Home Web Design

My name is Nicole Brady, I am a retired Police Officer, and the proud mother of three beautiful children. My wonderful husband has been serving our country in the United Stated Army for 29 years.
When I retired to become a stay at home mom, one of my biggest concerns was where I could make up for the missing income. I decided to go back to college, where I am currently attending UMUC obtaining my Degree in Web Design, and Graphic Design.  I decided to use my artistic side to help my community. The average cost of a Web Site can be any where form $1,500 to $8,000.  I chose to build Web Sites for the minimal price I could so that the Stay at Home mom who wants to sell her candles, or the First time shop owners can get there business out there and make a living in a ever struggling economy.  Please feel free to contact me and discuss what your needs are, I am willingly to work with you on any concerns you may have.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,
Always the servant, Nicole


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